How can by inviting friends, relatives, and if possible a public figure. Give uniqueness that makes people want to try to come to your meal home with a unique name or a unique menu that makes people curious. Do creative things, like creating a superhero outfit and wear it on your marketer team, then go to public place or red light while giving out cool brochures. You can find a variety of interesting ways to launching by visiting our website and get a launch evolution bonus.

Take advantage of social media. We must have been aware that the facebook fan page and twitter are very powerful to use promotion. You can also use youtube or blog to introduce your meal home on audiences. Diligent in uploading pictures of food there and giving the impression that delights in each picture.

Give the programs of interest to your customers. This is often called a loyalty program. For example, with certain purchases, then there is a gift or a special discount. Or provide individual attention on your customers, for example diskom according to age or student discount. Of course this will attract the attention of your potential customers.

Up sell strategy is interesting. Fishing rod with an attractive price of a product to lure customers to buy their products plus up-selling other products. For example, customers are free to add rice and iced tea for free if coming in a group of 3 or 4 persons. Or another example is, you sell a food but excluding food consort. You also can work with a community. Give space, facilities and special discounts. Such as soccer fans club community, the community of certain professions, automotive community, etc.

Use email and mobile marketing strategies. Ask their email address or mobile phone number if there is a buyer, with this you can give the latest updates on your restaurants any time to the buyer. But do not forget to ask the buyer if they are willing to be contacted via email or SMS if there is a sale at your meal home. Because there are also buyers who often feel annoyed to receive promotions like this. It is feared that the buyer will only run if we impose this way to them.

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