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Make your prospects buy is not as easy as it sounds. Everybody know that preparation is crucial. However, there are so many people who choose the less precise focus for their own preparations. Most people focused on to prepare their own “looks”. The things that you need to consider are as follows :

1. Have my clothes matches and looks professional already?

2. How is my style for presenting tomorrow?

3. Have I mastered the product specifications and the marketing plan?

4. What kind of opening and closing words that will make people interested in me and also into the products that I’ve offered?

That kind of preparations is very nice and important. However, just focus on yourself is far from enough. There is one vital question for you. Which is the most important one : Make sure that you’re a great person or make someone else feel precious?

If you’re interested in trying these points bellow, then you’ll know the difference.

Ask the prospects with these questions :

1. What are the things that make the prospects happy?

2. What kind of situation that will be the most comfortable for them?

3. What are the matters that the prospects proud of?

4. What will make the prospects feel so precious?

5. What kind of happy news that I could bring to them?

6. What’s the product has to offer that would give their life a solution or realise their dream?

7. What kind of potentials that the prospects had in order to be successful?

The focus on a prospect will make him or her feel more important if you’re doing the presentation one on one.

Presentation with just one person requires the higher skill to dive into someone’s personality and also to choose the right communication pattern.

We hope this info will help you to understand more on the preparation that you need before you’re going to convince the prospects to buy your product or to join your business network. Good luck and stay strong!

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