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In today’s anti-aging cosmetics, there are many cosmetic products which are sold freely by many sellers. Some of product are legal and some others might illegal, which leads the apprehension of using the cosmetic product sold in the market. Either online market or traditional market are potential to sell the product are illegal. Surprisingly, there are many people who can’t define whether the products sold are legal or illegal in the both markets. If you looking for the legal cosmetic product, you can consider Cellumis which is known as a cosmetic products are also sold freely, either in conventional market or online market. The product is used to prevent the aging and rejuvenate your skin, resulting younger and attractive face skin.

Unfortunately, there might be an illegal seller that sell illegal Cellumis in the market. In order to avoid the illegal product, here are some tips to get the original Cellumis:

1. Product Legal Code
Product legal code is a serial number or barcode which is released by the legal bureau concerning to drugs. The code might be different in each country, but every country has a national agency of drug control which control the drug control in that country. The serial number which is released by the agency can be a guarantee that the product is legal in your country.

2. Expired date
If you will buy the cosmetic product, especially for cosmetic products; you need to make sure that there is an expired date listed on the pack. You need to be cautious if you do not find the expired date on the pack or the bottle of the products.

3. Composition of ingredients
The composition of ingredient in a cosmetic products is an important thing to be considered because the ingredient in the products will affect the results. Make sure that the product are free from any harmful material such as mercury, hydroquinone, and other material that can damage your skin.

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