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Como tramitar una visa para estados unidos? Find out the answer on our website, or you can visit to make ESTA and Visa online to have a trip to United State. The number of people who want to see Uncle Sam made a request for visas to the United States increased. Seeing this, the US government provides an online visa service or commonly called the e-visa. Ways of making online visa are actually almost the same as usual such visas must complete the files and conducting interviews. Which makes it different is the eased visa given to take care of the file to the traveler online.

E-visa is also the same as a regular visa, there are two types of visas that can be made that a non-immigrant visa for the traveler and immigrant visas for people who want to settle in America. To create an online visa with American destination country, there are some steps that you should do as follows.

1. Make a passport
Before you make a visa, of course, you have to make passport first. This rule is a general rule in making visa. All types of visa you want to create will give these requirements. Therefore, you must make a passport before making a request for a visa online.

2. Completing the electronic visa
For the second step in how to make online American visa is to complete the data for the electronic visa provided online. You can fill the data by opening the official website of the American Embassy.

3. Pay
Then, before you could otherwise make a visa, you must pay the fees that have been determined by the embassy. Payment can be made in a particular bank that has been designated.

4. Schedule interviews
As usual visa, you must schedule an interview conducted directly at the American Embassy.

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