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Do you love movies? Maybe some of you are a movie lover. As a movie lover, probably feels incomplete if you are just watching movies. There is turmoil in which you want to work to make your own films. You do not need to make complicated movies to make your own movie. If you are confused where to start? You can start by using FileMaker Pro 15 Training Videos. Making a short movie will be an enjoyable experience for yourself because you can make the story of your life in your short movie. If you want to make your own movie, here are some steps and tips that you can do to make a great movie:

1. Define the movie

The first things that you should do are determine what the focus of your movies. The focus will determine your movie genre, whether it’s a biography or science fiction. In addition, a focus will help determine a course that you want.

2. Prepare the equipment to make a movie

Next is preparing the equipment to make a movie. The equipment here includes the camera, microphone, and a computer and for editing later. At a minimum, these things must exist in making a film.

3. Make the research

After setting up the equipment, it’s time to you do a little research to increase knowledge about what you want to film it. You can search the internet or maybe read a book related to the theme of your movie. With research, the film you will be more powerful and realistic. In addition, there is the possibility of a story if you will develop well if done in-depth research.

4. Create a storyline

The thing that you can do in the next step is making the plot, based on the focus that you have previously made. Specify who figures that will appear in your movie. Then, pour what you want to film it in a sheet of the film script. This prevents you forget the story that you have created.


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