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You may often come to some party without getting dress code so you can perform a simple, without the use of expensive dress or other expensive clothing. Usually, the themes raised, just a simple party, about eating and drinking, then chat all night long. But what if your friends invite you to events Great Gatsby while you know that the Great Gatsby party is very expensive and requires good preparation? Especially in terms of dress so that your appearance look glamorous. Unfortunately, you have a problem on your finances so that you can not buy expensive clothes and some accessories needed by both women and men. Maybe you will be confused with two options, order online or great gatsby costumes DIY ?

A party does not have to be stylish with expensive clothes and spend all your money. For those of you who do not have a lot of money and time, you can use the following methods;

1. Keep in mind that hair accessories are the first. Most Great Gatsby party has a characteristic in her costume, which wears feathers are beautiful because that they are adapted from a style composed by Scott Fitzgerland. When talking about the hair then you can replace it with a crown or hair can make you look very pretty. Do you not have much money to buy a complete costume like that? You do not have to worry about your appearance, you can use a hair clip or let your hair loose to eat the vintage style headband that characterizes so you can match the theme.

2. You have 2 options make-up for events Great Gatsby, whether it is smoked eyes or bold red lips? You can wear them but not too much to maintain levels of glamor to your look. You can use mascara and eyeliner to add dramatic effects on your face. You can also use a lipstick red blood or red wine to get an impression of elegance to your makeup.

3. The outfit that you wear when Great Gatsby party held in the late afternoon, then you should stay away from the type of dress Fringed Dress or feather boa’s and you can wear a black dress to add glamor or white dress with little detail on the shoulders and waist. Do not forget the accessories around the neck and heels of shoes to add to your elegant style throughout the party. Simple Black Dress will make you appear as the most glamorous woman when the party starts.

With tips on like that, you are able to follow a Great Gatsby party in a simple way without spending money. Buy costumes allowed if there is money left over, but not everyone can buy fancy costumes with the theme Great Gatsby, but you can have an elegant style with a simple display.

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