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Each job must have professionalism because it is an obligation that must be done by each worker. Maybe, we think if our job is the difficult job ever and we have always complained about it. If we know the tasks of the county clerk, we will know if there is a job which is more difficult and risky. Even though no direct physical harm but if they make a mistake, they can be exposed to criminal penalties. This punishment is more painful than physical punishment because this could create a bad reputation of someone. Therefore, the county clerk asked to focus on their work and be careful when taking a decision. They can not work alone because they are the third part of panel of judges and court. The attitude of the clerk is closely monitored is closely monitored by many people especially from the judges because the judges could choose the county clerks and use them for the benefit of trial.

There are several points of attitude tahat should be owned by each clerk of the court because it can affect their work. First, the county clerk must be able to serve the community well. They must serve voluntarily without coercion or encouragement from others. They should not discriminate people from their skin color or their social status. Second, they must maintain the authority of the court. If they can not maintain it, they are disappointing a government institution. Third, they should not say rude or behave badly and reprehensible in court. Like the second point, it is another form of maintaining the dignity of the clerk. Fourth, they can not let other people come to their office and look their files or evidence. They are forbidden to provide information about the trial because it is a secret. They can get in trouble if the secret of the court is known by people and widespread to the community.

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