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If we see someone is using incense, maybe we will be confused and did not understand what he is doing. To know about that, we actually had to ask him to remove our curiosity. If the distance we could smell the scent of flowers such as lavender, alyssum, or lilies, we can be sure if the incense is burned is herbal incense. There are only a few flowers that can be used as a base material incense because not all flowers have a fragrance that can be received by the human nose.

There are some things that are not known by non-users of incense such as the benefits of using incense, incense use objectives and how much the cost of herbal incense. This can be answered if they ask the person who often buy incense for religious purposes or for personal use. Things that we must understand is that we should not judge those who burned incense for religious purposes because it is their tradition and we should appreciate it.

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