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The food hamburger or commonly known as the burger is not foreign to our ears, is there any of you who have never tried it? I think no. Because of hamburger, fast food has been like to have in your food list. Hamburger is fast food that the material is in the form of bread round and cut into two later section center is filled with meat and vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, onions, hamburger is also equipped with the sauce, some kind of burger there is also added to pickles, cheese, and also other complementary materials. One restaurant that serves burgers that you must try is Five Guys, why? Because five guys burger with a patty made in accordance with your request, with fresh ingredients and guaranteed quality, and taste is unquestionable. Are you interested in trying it? You can visit our website and find Five Guys Secret Menu that you can choose and try.

The history of the hamburger itself has multiple versions, this time we will tell one version of this hamburger invention.

This hamburger once, in the beginning, was the typical food of the Tartars, this food is eaten in the form of minced meat without cooked or eaten raw and is only given freshly squeezed lime juice. You need to know, tartar nation is a nation of nomads who travel frequently away on horseback, often meat that they bring into hard and unfit to eat, then they try to outsmart them by putting the meat under the under the saddle of their horses. after a long trip turned out to be the meat was still in the warm and not become cold, then the meat was just eaten without cooking and only given with lime.

Then the famous food delicacies from Central Asia brought by European sailors returned to his country, in the city of Hamburg. community in Hamburg generally assume that they are the civilized nations, of course, they refused to eat the meat raw or uncooked, then the typical meat Tartar that they cook before eaten by burning or fried, it turns out dishes are highly favored by various people. However, until recently most people remain more pleasure from eating it raw, hence the origin of the meat burger.

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